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NI Good Food

This work was completed by myself at Big Pixel Creative.  Please check out the Big Pixel Creative website and check out some of our other work!

Food NI provides a single promotional voice for Northern Ireland’s food and drink. They work to enhance the reputation of Northern Ireland’s food and drink through the Taste of Ulster and Our Food So Good messages. The Food NI board consists of representatives from across the entire supply chain.

Working on Food NI’s website was a big undertaking and a great opportunity for us to build something sustainable at large scale and more importantly, to promote the message of the brand in a fun, colourful and clear design.

Food NI operate on many levels in the food industry from managing events, promoting restaurants and offering a wide selection of recipes from local chef’s. This was the biggest challenge when building the website, as the complexity had to be made very fluid and clear for the end user. Added to this was the extra challenge of making this responsive for many different devices and screen sizes. We at CoNet have loved working with the lovely team at Food NI and could not be more proud of the work we have produced for them, which we hope to continue for a long time.